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Version Control in Salesforce Using BitBucket 1/3

Version Control Using BitBucket 1/3

This is a continuation of my previous post on how to setup mavenmate with sublime. In this post, I will be explaining how we can use bitbucket to store our code on cloud for versioning as well as  for back up purpose.
If we are working on a really big project which has hundreds of thousands line of custom code and multiple developers are working simultaneously, it becomes really important to have a version controlling system. This way we can avoid overriding any piece of work as well as we will have back up in case of any disaster. So let's get started 👉👉👉👉

Create a Bitbucket Account
➣ Go to bitbucket official site and click on get started for free.
 Use your official Email Id to Sign Up.
 You will get a verification link on provided email Id.
On verification you will be asked to create a username which will    be required in later stage.

Create a Bitbucket Team
➣ Team is a container for all your projects in the company
 Select Team Name and Team Id.

Create a Bitbucket Project
➣ Project is container for multiple repositories.
➣ Go to Project menu. (Below screenshot shows the bitbucket classic    view, if you see any other view please revert back to classic)
➣ Select ‘Create Project’

➣ Select owner from drop-down.
➣ Fill Project Name, Key (should be unique) and Description.
➣ Check ‘This is a private project’ checkbox
➣ Click ‘Create Project’

Create a Bitbucket Repository
➣ Repository works as a container of your branches.
 Go to Repository menu.
 Click ‘Create Repository ’.

➣ Fill Owner (above created bitbucket team), Project.
 Give your Repository a Name and give type 'Git'.
 Keep default as it is and click ‘Create Repository’.

Creating a new Branch
➣ Your actual code lies in the repository branches. 
 Navigate to the above created repository in the browser.
 As your repository still does not have any branch in it.In next step we will create a new master branch.
 Here we will create an empty branch with one readme.txt file.
➣ You will find a "Create a README" button, click on this to create    master branch.
 In the next page, click on commit, commit.

➣ As we can see now, we have one branch in our repository.
Providing access to Repository
Open the Project using project tab.
Go to the Repository on which you want to provide access to a user
Click on ‘Settings’ action at the left hand side bottom.
Click ‘User and group access’ setting under repository details.
Write user name to whom access is to be granted 
Select access level – Read / Write / Admin.
Click ‘Add’.

In the second part I will explain how to use git client "Source Tree" to make commit in bitbucket.

I have also created a nice Youtube video where i explained bitbucket setup in detail.

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