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 Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to control the inadvertent time waste by their field workforce in finding routes and reaching for scheduled or unplanned meetings.

Finding directions to a destination adversely affects the time, and hence the productivity. At best, the tech savvy field people use a mapping application such as Google Maps, but they still have to juggle Salesforce and the mapping application.

The problem is more pronounced with the SMBs or the companies which have high number contract employees as field workforce, because of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)  considerations.

World of Salesforce understands the pain that comes with Pay-Per-User licensing model of the cloud based platforms. So, we bring the "Buy Once Deploy All (BODA)" model, where in once you purchase our products once and use it for as many users & as much time as you want. It doesn't increase your TCO and gives instant ROI.

Moreover, the product becomes yours - that means you also get to own the source code and you can get it tailored as per your increasing requirements in future. Of course, we are always there and u can always come back to us. But unlike others, we don't artificially create that dependency on us.

So, if you are looking to help your field guys plan and carry out meetings, without having to copy-paste the addresses from Salesforce to the mapping application, you will love our Lead Navigator.


Gives u all the benefits of Google Maps from within SalesForce, such as fastest route, alternate routes, traffic info and so on
Lookup the nearby leads
Avoid getting stuck in traffic jams by seeing the traffic conditions
Lookup the fastest route to your next lead
Find the route by providing the PIN Code or looking up the leads records or mentioning any specific lead
Get the source code and get bespoke tailoring in future, if required, with evolving requirements


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